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Academy of Competencies


The Academy of Competencies is a special extra-curricular program aimed at developing crucial skills beyond the scope of your field of study.

Any student, graduate until 3 years out of university, or UCT Prague employee may take part in the Academy of Competencies free of charge.

Goal of the program

The purpose of the Academy of Competencies is to help round out your education by providing courses that develop essential skills useful in your professional as well as everyday life. Those include public speaking, leadership, effective communication, and many others. The seminars are also aimed at helping students achieve happiness and balance in their lives by tackling topics such as mental hygiene, handling stressful situations, etc.

Current courses

Did you know...

žlutá karta (originál)A yellow card is given to a student who did not come to a course they were registered for without proper excuse. In the case student gains two yellow cards (a red card), they are banned for all courses organized by CCC. To discard the red card, the student has to participate in a seminar on "Good behaviour praxis".


You may ask for a certificate of the Academy of Competencies after completing the following criteria:




  1.  Attending at least five events offered under the Academy of Competencies and marked as "included in the AK certificate",
  2.  zero unexcused absence at CCC events,
  3.  your own title and summary of the program based on your acquired competencies,
  4.  individual consultation with the CCC counsellor over your summary and CV.

VSCHT_Napis_loga_215px-05 (originál) 

Follow your personal development and note down what you learned from attended events. A simple excel table can do a great service.

If you have any questions, please contact Honza Hajíček

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Akademie kompetencí - semináře PKC

Kurzy Akademie kompetencí jsou pro studenty a zaměstnance VŠCHT zadarmo. Z kapacitních důvodů prosíme o registraci na příslušný kurz. Pokud zjistíte, že se nemůžete zúčastnit, prosím odhlaste se, uvolníte tak místo dalším zájemcům. Prezentace, výukové a informační materiály k dané akci jsou k dispozici na webové stránce této akce. 

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