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The UCT Counselling and Career Centre enables students to consult the next step after finishing their studies – choosing a career. Career counselling helps students pick a career that is best suited for them, and we also host seminars regarding the topic of preparation for professional life. Students can also come in to consult their CVs.


Career consultation and coaching

Career coaching
As part of career coaching, you can clarify what is the best way to build your career. With the help of professional counsellors you will find out what type of work you should be doing, what you personally fit for, you will find out what are your strengths and talents and what are possible areas for development. With this type of consultation, you and your counsellor will have more in-depth conversation and questions. It is possible that you will encounter questions that you may not ask yourself and that the counsellor will help you clarify your short and long term career goals.
Duration: 55 min

Career consultation
At a career consultation, you can address a specific topic related to your career situation. For example, reviewing your CV and cover letter, making a decision between specific job offers, preparing for a specific interview, clarifying topics such as presenting your own strengths, reflecting on wages and how to ask for an adequate wage, how to display your expertise or how to prepare for the Assessment Centre. The counsellor will be able to answer all these questions. You can come to this meeting several times. For example, you can prepare for the first interview at the first consultation, at the second consultation you can discuss what offer to choose. The counsellors advise you on the basis of their experience in practice.
Duration: 25 min


Career counsellors

Dr. Ing. Markéta Raková
MarketaRakova22 (originál)

Markéta is a professional coach and a managerial and communication skills lecturer. She works with top CEOs and corporation owners and helps with the personal development of those who decided to make some changes in their lives. She has years of experience in business under her belt. She used to work as a manager and has been freelancing for the past ten years. Numerous smaller and larger businesses have collaborated with Markéta, so she has been able to gain valuable insight and first-hand experience. As a UCT graduate, she is also qualified to help you find a job and start a career based on your specialization. She will help you develop crucial skills needed to quickly advance in your chosen field, and even reach a managerial position if that is what you wish.

Scheduling a consultation

It is necessary to register for a consultation beforehand.
Counselling is free of charge.

If you cannot make it to a scheduled session, please cancel as soon as possible at


Did you know...

The UCT Counselling and Career Centre adheres strictly to the university counselling code of ethics.

AK_215px-05 (originál) CCC also organises career seminars under the Academy of Competencies project with topics such as How to succeed at a job interview, or How to advance to a managerial position. More information here.



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