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Counselling services

Our world is full of problems and challenges, there's really no need to make it harder for yourself.

In the current difficult times, we have strengthened the capacity of our counselling services. We have a proven pool of professionals at our disposal, however there is now an increased demand for their services. Whatever your situation is, we certainly don't take it lightly. We do our best to choose the most appropriate course of action for you, but given the time constraints, please allow for initial contact with a psychologist to take the form of emails and phone calls to discuss next steps. Don't worry, we will work it out together one way or another.


Often you simply need to stop by somewhere, have a coffee and talk to the other person - even if they are not a psychologist. At PKC, we will be there for you and able to advise you on what to do and how to do it, so do not hesitate to visit our office. We are here for you Monday through Thursday 9:30-12:00 and 14:00-15:00 (or call +420 220 44 2071).

The Counselling and Career Center offers the services of a psychologist and legal and career counselors. There are also tutors to give you advice on your everyday problems and issues related to your studies. Our policy is to deal with every query and help you as much as possible to find the right solution – if we don't have an expert for your query, then we are committed to finding one.

The right time to consult a more experienced person about a personal problem is difficult to determine. Often our mood or upbringing throws up a multitude of reasons why we prefer to endure, not deal with difficulties and let them, often unnecessarily, fester. From years of experience of the Counselling and Career Center team, we know that early consultation can significantly simplify life, minimise the negative impact, and just help you significantly.

The counselling services are primarily aimed at students, however staff can also take advantage of them. 

Unless otherwise stated, the services are provided free of charge in their entirety.

All staff members of the Counselling and Career Centre are bound by confidentiality and follow the Code of Ethics for University Counsellors, and so do our counsellors.

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