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Psychological counselling

We provide a professional psychological help with you study and personal problems, family and interpersonal relationships, or a crisis intervention. The counselling service is run by PhDr. Vladislava Kůželová.

Are you dealing with an emergency situation and you need immediate help? See the contacts below!

In the current difficult times, we have strengthened the capacity of our counselling services. We have a proven pool of professionals at our disposal, however there is now an increased demand for their services. Whatever your situation is, we certainly don't take it lightly. We do our best to choose the most appropriate course of action for you, but given the time constraints, please allow for initial contact with a psychologist to take the form of emails and phone calls to discuss next steps. Don't worry, we will work it out together one way or another.

The scope of what we can discuss together is of course wider: intercultural counselling, psychotherapeutic care, crisis intervention or personal diagnostics, but also difficulties at the workplace and other possible problems.

Counselling is also available to anyone who has experienced inappropriate sexual behaviour in any way. We can help on a psychological, practical and, where appropriate, legal level. Our goal is to create a safe environment available to all students and staff.

Advice is completely confidential, as is the use of the counselling room itself, which no one will know about unless you decide to do so yourself. It is also possible to meet outside the school building.

How can you sign up?

An initial consultation should be arranged by e-mail to Please use your school e-mail address and shortly describe your problem, what you would like to discuss.

If you are unable to attend the arranged consultation, please let us know in advance.

Counselling is provided free of charge in its entirety.

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“Dear students.

Life can often present us with obstacles that are stressful and difficult to overcome. Problems with your studies or struggles in your personal life can always be solved. Feel free to come to our counselling centre and talk your issues through. Our motto is: Attentive listening, consultation, kind help.”

PhDr. Vladislava Kůželová, head of the Psychological counselling

Specifically for employees there is also the Psychological Counselling Centre of UCT Prague run by Mgr. et Ing. Jana Houserová (+420 233 330 943). If needed, she is also available for students.

Crisis and psychological support outside of UCT Prague

In case of urgent situations where you cannot wait for a response or a session with our psychologist (especially life-threatening conditions), we recommend contacting 24-hour crisis services. 
  • Centrum krizové intervence (Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital)
    • call (anonymous, nonstop): +420 284 016 666 (charged according to the operator's tariff)
    • visit in person (24/7, no appointment necessary): +420 284 016 110, PH Bohnice, Ústavní 91, Prague 8
    • English-speaking specialist is always present, but English-speaking phone service is not guaranteed
  • Pražská linka důvěry (Prague Social Services Centre)
    • call (anonymous, nonstop): +420 222 580 697 (charged according to the operator's tariff)
    • use the chat (anonymous, according to operating hours, weekdays 9-21h):
    • available in Czech only
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