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Undergraduate mentoring

The mentoring programme will give you a glimpse into the corporate and institutional environment while you are still studying, or you can find out what a career in science entail

It is an effective method of learning and development that can greatly help you to clarify your career direction and set long-term goals. As well as gaining valuable experience and contacts, a mentor can help you to address various learning and personal challenges and obstacles.
Working with a mentor is flexible in terms of time, the scope and format of the meeting depends on your individual agreement.
The capacity of the program is limited to 20 participants.
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Mantoring schedule

  • Applying for the program.

  • Once you've applied for the programme, you'll attend a preparatory workshop to help you clarify your direction so that the subsequent selection of a mentor is as beneficial as possible. At the same time, the workshop will help you clarify your expectations and goals so that the next period of meeting with a mentor will be as beneficial as possible.

  • You can either choose a mentor or come to the coordinator with your own proposal. Naturally, more than one student may be interested in meeting with one mentor. Therefore, the final matching is done through a competitive system - after the initial workshop you will have the space to make a short introductory video (we will discuss tips and tricks during the workshop), the mentors will receive them at once and it will be up to them which student(s) they decide to work with. If things don't work out with your chosen mentor, don't worry! We will try to find someone else for you.

  • We have also prepared an introductory meeting for mentors, where they can clarify all their questions about the programme.
  • 6-8 months of meetings follows. The frequency and content depends purely on the individual agreement between mentor and mentee, we recommend seeing each other at least once a month. 

  • The programme is concluded by a feedback session and a networking event.


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