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Workshops from students to students

The S2S (Students-to-students) label came about as an attempt to get students intimately involved in the process of learning and teaching, of passing on their own passion, experience and knowledge.

Every student has their own interests, hobbies, and just generally things they are good at. University is the perfect environment to meet people from different fields of study and inspire each other.

As far as topics for seminars and workshops are concerned, be it a popular topic such as motivation or time management, or a more artistic endeavour, such as photography and design. Anything you are interested in is possible.

Please send us your topic ideas at


How to host your own workshop?

Any student can host their own workshop without any previous experience. The idea behind S2S is not only to enrich the participants, but also to let hosts practice public speaking and presentation. Anybody interested in a workshop can contact Radka Nováková, who will help you with the chosen topic and give you all the necessary information on how to prepare a workshop as well as feedback throughout the whole process.

Why to host a workshop?

You will practice public speaking and learn how to present information in a structured and efficient manner. One can only master these skills in front of an audience, and this is the perfect occasion to do so.

Did you know...

AK_215px-05 (originál) Besides the S2S workshops, you can also take part in the Academy of Competencies, which offers a variety of lectures and seminars led by experts.
AK_215px-05 (originál) Follow your personal development and note down what you learned from attended events. A simple excell table can do a great service.

If you have any questions, please contact Radka Nováková at

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