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Students with special needs


UCT Prague Counselling and Career Centre also focuses on helping students with various disabilities and special needs. We want everybody to be able to study at our university regardless of the obstacles they are presented with.

By reaching out to teachers and faculties, we ensure that your special needs are met. We offer diagnosis, consultation and other services specifically tailored to compensate for your handicap (extra time at exams, compensatory tools, etc.) without compromising the quality of education.


Who can use our services

All student of UCT Prague struggling with:

  • a specific learning disability (dyslexia, etc.),
  • visual impairment,
  • hearing impairment,
  • physical or motor impairment,
  • disorders on the autism spectrum,
  • other difficulties (speech or communication disorder, chronic illness, etc.).


We offer

All services free of charge:

  • Private tutoring (for example extra language lessons)
  • Extra learning tools (fun chemistry puzzles, etc.)
  • Extra time allotted for exams, extended deadlines for projects
  • Opportunity to borrow devices such as laptops, voice recorders, voice recognition software, digital reader, etc.
  • Opportunity to take advantage of the printing/copying centre free of charge
  • Assisted studying (help with taking notes, preparing for an exam, reading, and other various help depending on one’s needs)
  • Other assistance (text correction, advisory services)


Contact us

The agenda of students with special needs is held by MSc. Ivana Matějů who will personally go with you through all your needs and will take care of the necessary administration at the university. you can also write a message on


Did you know...

 The UCT Counselling and Career Centre adheres strictly to the Code of Ethics of the Association of University Counsellors.

The typology and definitions of disabilities, along with rules for the according subsidies by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports can be found here (Czech only).


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