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Personal counselling


Our counselling centre allows students to consult professionals and talk their problems through, whether it be distress or even personal crises. We also offer intercultural counselling, counselling for students with special needs, or personal diagnostics.

Head counsellor

Dr Vladislava Kuželová, our head counsellor, wrote a short message for our potential visitors:

" Dear students.

Life can often present us with obstacles that are stressful and difficult to overcome. Problems with your studies or struggles in your personal life can always be solved. Feel free to come to our counselling centre and talk your issues through. Our motto is: „Attentive listening, consultation, kind help.


Our staff at UCT Prague cooperates with psychologists from the Charles University’s Faculty of Arts.

Based on the diagnosis of your problem, we may recommend a psychologist who specialises in the according field.

We also help students with parenting issues. To receive the appropriate contact, please arrange a consultation with the CCC counsellor.

Other services

Advanced diagnosis – by this examination, you will get a more complete picture of your personality, skills and talents, which may help you in your career choice. The examination includes an interview, utilisation of state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, assessment, and a results report.

We also offer psychotherapeutic care and crisis intervention for grave life problems.

Our counseling center is also available to anyone who has encountered inappropriate sexual behavior in any way. We can help you both on a psychological and practical level and possibly also on a legal level. Our goal is to create a safe environment accessible to all students and staff.

Our advice is completely discreet, as is the use of the counseling center itself, which no one will know about unless you decide on it yourself. It is also possible to meet completely outside the campus.

Scheduling a session

First, you need to schedule the introductory session with our head counsellor, Dr Kůželová, at PLEASE USE YOUR UNIVERSITY E-MAIL.

All counselling sessions are free, except advanced diagnosis.
If you cannot make it to a scheduled session, please cancel as soon as possible.

Did you know...

The UCT Counselling and Career Centre adheres strictly to the Code of Ethics of the Association of University Counsellors.

Our student tutors are here to help with simple queries.

University employees may use our counselling services as well.

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