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Climate Leadership Journey

The Climate Leadership Journey programme is empowering future leaders and innovators from all disciplines and all university and training levels to become active change agents within their ecosystem and to navigate the complexity within it.

The program supports participants in their professional and personal growth through professional workshops, peer-to-peer training activities, networking events, coaching sessions, and a two-week summer school.

We work with many international partners and highly qualified trainers to create unique learning experiences for all participants in different places in Europe and beyond.




You will:

  • Attend 29-30 April Digital Climate Leadership Kick-Off event (online)
  • Attend 17-30 July Summer school (on site - Dublin/Milan/Lisbon/Prague)
  • Attend 9-10. December Digital Community summit (online)
  • Prepare and work on your personal project
  • Work on a Group project in an international team (starts in summer school)
  • Develop your personal leadership skills with couches and experts from business

Your will get:

  • European certificate of Climate Leadership Journey program alumni
  • 5000 CZK to cover travel costs
  • All other participation costs covered by the project (no fees)

Your goal will be to become:

 ◳ climate journey_goal (png) → (originál)

Wanna join? Fill registration form and go through participant manual.

The whole event is in English.

The program is open for:

  • Master students, Ph.D. students, young professionals, and for the last year of Bc. students
  • Passionate for the field of Clima Change
  • Good Team player
  • Initiative taker
  • Proficient in English (B2+ equivalent)

Think about the program, think about your motivation or vision for your project, and try to fire up some friends to join.

In week 18 - 22.4. you will be invited to a recruitment call and get a chance to take a spot on the programm.

For more information take a look at: https://journey.climate-kic.org/, where everything is explained in more detail. But beware - the application must be completed via the link!

The Journey program main topics:

  • Taking ownership of personal growth.
  • Understanding self and establishing personal resilience.
  • Facilitating stakeholder collaboration.
  • Becoming a leader for systems transformation.
  • Mapping and analyzing systems.
  • Design systemic solutions with human-centered mindset.
  • Case studies showing real world examples of systems innovation.
  • Flexible and context specific content to be delivered by partners to support project work (e.g., Design Thinking, proto-typing and other methods for sense making and building ideas)
  • Content related to plan and value propositions development.
  • Experiential learning involving the local network and ecosystem.
  • Problem-based ideation content.
  • Networking events for participants to exchange with various stakeholders and understand the local context.

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Participant's manual

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