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Mentoring for students

Our mentoring program allows students to get familiar with the working environment while still studying, and to see for themselves what a scientist’s career may look like.
Thanks to the mentoring program, students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience as well as contacts and references in the field. By working with a mentor, the student develops crucial skills and practices what one has previously learned only in theory. Participation in such a program will also help the student choose their future career.

Basics to mentoring at UCT

  • Mentoring at UCT is free of charge for students.
  • Students apply for a mentor that suits best their needs.
  • The scheduling and topics discussed at mentoring sessions are strictly up to the two parties (mentor and mentee) to agree upon. We suggest meetings at least once a month.
  • Besides meeting and talking to your mentor, you may also visit the mentor’s workplace or help them with a project. Again, the specifics are up for you to discuss.

Schedule 2018/2019

February 2019

  • Students apply for the mentorship and choose a mentor

March 2019

  • Mentees and mentors are assigned and get to know each other.

from April 2019

  • Mentor-mentee sessions


Why become a mentor?

  • You can pass your valuable experience onto the next generation of UCT students.
  • The mentee brings a new, fresh perspective on your work.
  • The program provides room for personal growth of both parties.
  • You expand your contacts network.


Video interviews with the 2017 mentoring program participants

More on mentoring and the difference between mentoring and supervising


Sign up for mentoring


  • Registration will be open in February 2019.


We greatly appreciate your interest in mentoring UCT students. In order to make the program run as efficiently as possible, please fill out the following registration form. Entered data will be presented online on our mentoring program website. Please share your CV (in English or Czech) in a writable format along with your photo.

  • Want to find out more about the mentoring program? Please contact the project coordinator Radka Nováková.


Did you know ...

UCT Prague also offers mentoring for doctoral students and young researchers.

If none of the programs sounds appealing to you, feel free contacting us, perhaps there is a different way we could help with your studies or career.

For any miscellaneous questions, please contact the project coordinator Radka Nováková.

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