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Counselling and Career Centre of UCT Prague

We are committed to being your helping hand

UCT Prague places great demands on its students, which it undertakes to balance with support services through its Counselling and Career Centre (CCC). The school profiles its graduates as versatile problem solvers or innovators who, thanks to their expertise, can become exceptional members of work teams. It also emphasizes holistic development in personal issues including stress management and finding psychological well-being.

The CCC aims to act as a service, support and innovation body offering care, development, and support to students. It creates a liaison between students and school administrators by seeking to understand each other's motivations, needs and barriers. It seeks to develop students' potential while minimizing the negative effects of academic demands.

All projects and the running of the Centre are handled by the CCC team.

We follow ethical principles

All staff of the Counselling and Career Centre are bound by confidentiality and are governed by the Code of Ethics for University Counsellors.

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