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Personal development

University is not just about learning. Also think about your development in other areas, be inquisitive.

Lectures and courses are a great opportunity to get a first insight into your field and improve your practical skills. You will learn about topics such as effective communication, critical thinking, media, financial and legal literacy, leadership, presentation skills and many more directly at school.

 Mentoring offers you a great opportunity to work with an experienced practitioner, get an insight into what their day-to-day work entails, gain valuable advice for your future progress and network.

 Get involved in competitions or challenges that are tailored to students of UCT Prague. You will test your knowledge in practice, improve your presentation skills and you may even receive financial support for your project. 

 Become a member of the student society. Whether you're interested in organising cultural events, playing board or computer games, brewing beer or helping international students, you'll experience teamwork, different roles in creating and managing projects and organising events, and gain valuable experience for your future job. You can also participate in the operation of the school as a member of the Academic Senate of UCT Prague.

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