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The mentoring programs of the Counselling and Career Centre help students to find a mentor and plan the mentoring process. Based on our experience, we know that setting solid meet points is the best way to well-working process that both parts can benefit. We do not require strict following of the plan although we expect the majority of students to keep it.


Become a mentor for bachelor and master students

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Mentoring for pregradual students

                                    >> registrations will be open Oct 1, 2019 <<

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Mentoring for PhD students and young researchers

                                     >> registrations are open till Feb 1, 2019 <<


Mentoring and its benefits

The textbook definition of mentoring is „A method of personal growth in which a person follows the example of another, more experienced and successful person “.

The gist of the method is, that a student (mentee) works alongside a person that is more experienced in the given field (and typically older). This is a one-on-one partnership. The mentee learns crucial, practical information, and gets feedback as well as support for their project. The mentor passes on not only their academic knowledge but also practical instructions and tips. The mentee, on the other hand, can supply the mentor with fresh, creative ideas. The mentoring relationship is based on mutual trust and equality, and it often doesn’t end at the official end of the program, but rather develops into a lifelong cooperation and friendship.

You can find more information in Mentoring brochure.

Mentoring pairs draw up and sign an Agreement between the mentor and the mentee.

The difference between mentoring, supervising, and coaching

In the relation with a student, mentors have different goals from teachers and supervisors. Whereas university professors and supervisors aim to prepare students for exams or thesis defence, mentees generally establish their own individual goals. The goals do not have to be centred around university exams and requirements. The mentee may, for example, wish to learn how their mentor got from where he used to be to where he is today (career or personal wise).

The defining characteristic of a mentorship is, that the mentor and mentee are equals. To achieve this dynamic easily, it is recommended that the mentee chooses a mentor from a different institution. This independence from each other allows for a more open relationship.

Coaching is different from mentoring in the way that a coach doesn’t have to be more experienced than their pupil. Coaching is based on questions and inspiration in personal development. In mentoring, this disparity of experience and skill is required.

It is not necessary to choose a mentor who works in the same field as the student. On the contrary, it can be beneficial for the mentee to choose a mentor from a different field, so that they can get a broader base of knowledge and experience for their own projects.

How does mentoring work at UCT

  • Mentoring at UCT is free of charge and non-profit for both parties.
  • You can choose your own mentor or opt to have one chosen for you.
  • Your specific mentoring schedule is strictly up to the two parties to decide. The mentor may, for example, wish to show the mentee their workplace, or take the mentee out on a field trip.
  • Workshops hosted by an external professor are a part of the program. The official program ends with a large meeting of all the mentors and mentees.


Video interviews with 2017 mentoring program participants


Did you know...

If you aren’t interested in this program, you are welcome to suggest how else we could help you with kickstarting your career.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Ničová.

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